March 19, 2021



The Windsor Talent Show is our only Fundraiser.  


People from all over Sonoma County come together to provide amazing entertainment.


Proceeds from this event provide scholarships for our summer musical program and pay for production costs at the public school sites.  


The Talent Show is online this year!

Auditions: Friday, February 26 ,2021 6pm-8:00

Dress Rehearsal: Polished Videos Due MARCH 12, 2021


Tickets to watch the show are $15 per household

To pay for tickets online, use the donate button.  Please put number of tickets and your name in the memo. We''ll send you the link.


Talent Show 2020 Video below

RULES: 3-5min long, family friendly, no negativity, no politics, no profanity.  Keep it delightful, thoughtful, and funny!




Judges Choice/Grand Prize: Olivia Olson

Audience Choice/Grand Prize: Abigail Ritchey


Adult Division


First: Autumn McConeghey & Ephraim Cullen

Second: Wondercast (Ryan Bobbett, Nick Foxer, Sonja Smith-Novak)

Third: Phyllis Imand and friends “Blonde on a Plane”


Child Division

First: Eli Kilstrom

Second: Dennis Hebenstreit

Third: Cora Leras

THANK YOU Windsor Lions for Sponsoring US!

Group Division

First: Windsor Children’s Community Choir

Second: Studio W Dance

Third: Windsor High School Dance Club

Teen Division

First: Riley Drake

Second: Ella Kushins

Third: Kimberly LaSalle

Download this audition form and send in.

Vinyl Revival
Vinyl Revival
Irish Dancing Pia Sallee
Pia Sallee
Our Esteemed Judges
Standing Room Only!
Great Piano Playing
Children's Community Choir
Children's Community Choir
Sword Fighting....Epic
Hannah Knott piano
Heather Cullen and Bill Adams
WHS JAzz Band
WHS Jazz Band
Windsor Dance Academy
Evan Zelig Clowning Around
WHS Jazz Band
WHS Jazz Band
Windsor Dance Academy
Windsor High Jazz Band
2017 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal and Some Show Clips

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Felicity Hall sinigng _Once Upon A December_
Community Choir
Kainoa Gray reciting _The Gruffalo_ #1 (2)
Slave Songs
Meow kids, Olivia, Mackie
Meow #1
March of the Cards #4
March of the Cards #3
Hannah Knott playing piano #3
Hannah, Julia, Gavin, Shane
Hannah Knott playing Piano #1
Dance of the Flowers #2
Gavin Roach #1
Dance of the Flowers #1
Whitehead #1
Vinyl Revival #2
Vinyl Revival #1
Madelyn Forsyth
Dr. Dave
Hannah Imsdahl
Slave Songs
March of the Cards #4
Shane and Gavin
Olivia Olson singing. JPG
Meow #1
Meow kids, Olivia, Mackie
March of the Cards #3
Julia Hendrickson #2
Jenna Bretoli #1
Hannah Knott playing piano #3
Dance of the Flowers #4
Fred singing #1
Gavin Roach #1
Evan Zelig #1
Dance of the Flowers #1
Dance of the Flowers #3
All the winners
Asher Straub singing #1
Ashley Holmberg violin #1
Ashley Knott #1
Ashley and Fred
Mrs. Cullen

2016 By Heather Cullen

Jenna Bretoli #1