Children's Community Choir

If you like to sing in harmony and perform a lot, this choir is for you!  


The audition is a gentle process of accessing your ability to carry a tune, sing in harmony and follow directions.


We believe EVERYONE can sing...eventually.  No one is turned away from singing.


If you are not up to the demands of the choir you may receive private lessons, learning the songs the choir is singing.


As each song is mastered you get to join the choir for those songs!  Call 707-838-3341 for your audition now.

Pirates of Penzance 2021

June 7-June 26: Monday-Friday from 10am to 3pm


Scholarships available

Three Performances:  Friday, June 26 at 7pm, Saturday, June 27 at 2pm and 7pm.

Shows will also be streamed online.

Fill out the forms below to reserve your spot now!

Imagine Summer Camp Here!

Fall show


We'll post show times as soon as we know when they are. Stay healthy and keep a song in your heart and a dance in your feet!

A word regarding Auditions:


Because we have so many students of various abilities, we often hold auditions to assess skills but NOT to try out for a specific part.  


Sometimes a less skilled person will be assigned a major roll in order for them to grow.  Sometimes one of our shining stars will be assigned to a small roll so they can practice developing a background character. This is good hard work for everyone.  


So, if you're looking for an organization that plays won't find it here.  We firmly believe there are no small parts and we want our students to believe that too.  


What would your favorite movie be like if no "extras" showed up because they didn't get a main part?  No one eating in the one on the streets, no workers on the ship, No crazy guy in the background pan handling....every person makes the show a believable and wonderful experience.  


To Be  a team player or Not to Be a team player...that is the question.