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This Summer's Camp includes Drama, Music, Art, and Dance!

I can't wait for another summer of fun and friends.


This adaptation of Charolotte's Web was written and composed by the late Austin Custodia.

Windsor Performing Arts Academy (WPAA) believes that when we serve others with our talents we are able to uplift the whole community. WPAA provides musical drama experiences for public schools in Windsor K-8 and mentors many students each year at Windsor High School. all at no cost to the schools. Help us continue to do this by coming to our shows and donating!

About our Program

Students young and old are given opportunities to learn, refine, and share their talents and skills in a safe and happy environment.  We are very strict about enforcing our "No negativity, even in jest" rule. Our least skilled students are free to make mistakes and learn from them and become better.  Our highest skilled students are free to shine and to share what they know in an envy free environment.  Many areas of production are taught: Lighting, Sound, Acting, Dancing, Singing, Costuming, Set Design and Creation.

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